Hussein Iddrissu and his twin brother Hassan built Roadstarr Motorsport from the ground up into what is now one of the top luxury vehicle refining companies in the world.

Hussein was born and raised in Accra, Ghana. At the age of 10, he moved to London to attend boarding school, then finally moved to the US to attend college, where he and his brother founded Roadstarr Motorsports, Inc. in 2001.

European and exotic cars have always been his passion, and he turned his hobby of fixing cars into his now lucrative and successful business, servicing celebrities such as 50 Cent, Kanye West, Sean Kingston and other high profile customers’ needs. With an open minded spirit and extensive, multicultural background, it’s no wonder Hussein has attracted such a prestigious clientele over the years. He is notorious for bringing his customer’s extreme and wild approaches to car customization to life. His strong referral bases and interpersonal skills has also allowed him to open up shops worldwide in Ghana and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Hussein also maintains a close relationship with Tai Savet, CEO and founder of Agents of LA, the #1 luxury, celebrity real estate agency in Los Angeles and producer and star of VH1’s Love and Listings. The two make great business partners and work hand in hand by exchanging the same clientele from the automobile industry to the real estate arena.

What’s next for Roadstarr Motorsports?

Hussein plans on growing his business to the next level as a luxury, lifestyle company catering to not only car enthusiasts, but also jet and plane lovers. He plans to continue to rent out spaces and host events, all the way down to growing his company’s own personal branding. The goal is for Roadstarr Motorsports to be a legendary luxury company as timeless as Chanel or Prada.

He and his brother have been featured on Future and Black Enterprise Magazine and is soon expected to make waves on the air in the luxury service industry.

Author: Lea Savary